My name is Holly Lee. I was born, and have lived most of my life, in Crossville. My father was a Davenport and my mother a Martin, so my roots in this county are deep and extended. One of my favorite memories as a little girl is coming to town with my mom and sister and window-shopping at the Lay’s five-and-dime, where my office is currently located in the Arches Building on Main Street. I obtained a bachelor’s degree in nursing and became an RN in 1997. I have practiced in acute care and long-term facilities, and also home hospice (my favorite). Even though the physical demands are rigorous and the mental and emotional toll can be great, I loved being a nurse. In 2009, I became an empty-nester and decided to return to school to obtain an advanced degree. Instead of pursuing this in the medical field, I decided to go to law school. I was accepted to Nashville School of Law in 2009. I graduated and obtained my license to practice law in TN in 2013. I immediately established a solo general practice and began accepting cases. Because of the vast and ever-changing nature of information in the legal profession, I quickly found a general practice difficult to maintain and began to focus on the areas of law which I found enjoyable yet challenging. Estate Planning and Elder Law have always been a part of what lawyers do, and it hasn’t been until recently that the need for this specialized area of legal practice has been so great. I am often asked, “How/why did you go from being a nurse to an attorney?” When I say to them there is no difference in the two, the response is always a confused expression. Yet, when I explain my role as an advocate and teacher in both professions, the difference doesn’t seem so great. I love getting to know my clients on a personal level which helps me accurately determine their needs. With a background in healthcare, I am especially attuned to the unique issues and challenges of the aging population and their families. However, with proper planning and education, this stage of life can be less stressful and burdensome for everyone involved.